Clinic of Visual Psychology

  • 2020-01-02 00:18:36

● The first clinic of visual psychology established in China by an eye specialist hospital

● Professional adolescent mental health test and behavior assessment

● Professional sandtray psychological consultation, drawing psychoanalysis, sensory integration training and attention training

Introduction to the Department:

Clinic of Visual Psychology of Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital is the first clinic of visual psychology established in China by an eye specialist hospital. The clinic reads mind through the eyes, discovers and accurately judges the individual’s mental health through visual capacity, and makes accurate and scientific judgment on mental health to help patients.

Consulting Services:

Visual psychological counseling training, including professional adolescent mental health test and behavior assessment, sandtray psychological counseling, drawing psychoanalysis, sensory integration training, attention training, parent-child interaction mode analysis, etc.; comprehensive assessment of adolescent mental health, analysis of symptoms and causes for behavior, treatment plan customization to improve the mental level of adolescents and effectively improve their ability in study, attentiveness, emotional control, expression of feelings, resistance to setbacks and interpersonal communication.

What is a sandtray psychological consultation for children and adolescents?

Sandtray psychological consultation is a psychological therapy developed by Dora Kalff based on Jung's principles of psychology. Adolescents use sand and accessories to create the scene of miniature world that can reflect their inner thoughts. It is a powerful therapeutic method that stimulates the healing process and personality development.

A visual psychological assessment is needed when children and adolescents have the following symptoms:

Difficulty concentrating

Delayed writing and slow reading

Winking often, clearing throat, shrugging, moving head, uncontrolled

Sensitivity, lack of self-confidence, grumpy, rebellion, willfulness, anxious attachment

Loneliness, self-containment , tense relationship with classmates

Weak self-reliance


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