Department of Dry Eye

  • 2020-01-02 00:16:39

● The diagnosis and treatment of dry eye in He Eye Specialist Hospital is characterized by precise diagnosis and personalized treatment.

● TCM cold ultrasonic vapor therapy of He Eye Specialist Hospital

● All new types of artificial tears comply with international standards.

● “Runming Granules” developed by TCM experts of He Eye Specialist Hospital for decades of years

● Having Lacrimal Plug Therapy, the internationally advanced therapeutic method nowadays

Introduction to the Department:

Department of Dry Eye of Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital has a large number of senior experts with rich experience in clinical diagnosis and treatment of dry eye. After more than 20 years of clinical exploration, it has gradually developed a set of dry eye diagnosis and treatment system of He Eye Specialist Hospital. Through early accurate diagnosis, the cause of the disease and the type of dry eye are confirmed, and based on the level and type of dry eye, a comprehensive treatment method is customized to effectively maximize therapeutic effect in all round.


Including but not limited to all types of SS dry eye caused by meibomian gland dysfunction, acarid, extensive ocular surface injury, lacrimal disorders, neurological disorders, lacrimal duct obstruction, meibomian gland lesions, blink abnormalities, anterior blepharitis, ocular surface lesions, etc. According to the pathogenesis of dry eye, it can be divided into evaporative dry eye, lipid tear deficiency dry eye, aqueous tear deficiency dry eye, mucin tear deficiency dry eye, mixed dry eyes, etc.

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is a condition in which a person doesn’t have enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye, causing discomfort or ocular surface damage. Dry eye is a chronic disease that is not as noticeable as trauma or medical diseases, but many people suffer a lot from it in life.

Symptoms of Dry Eye:

Eye fatigue, excessive stringy mucus, sensation of having something in the eyes, “ heavy eyelid”, dry eyes, eye discomfort, eye pain, watery eyes, blurred vision, scratchy sensation, sensitivity to light, eye redness, etc.

Dangers of Dry Eye:

The dry eye often makes the patient very uncomfortable in the eyes, and then will bring the patient troubles mentally. Physiologically, severe dry eyes may cause corneal epithelial defects or infections, followed by more serious eye complications, and even blindness.

Cutting-edge equipment:



 German OCULUS Keratograph can painlessly, accurately and quickly detect tear film rupture time, lacrimal river height and meibomian gland function without touching the eyeball to diagnose the exact cause of dry eye, and provide effective solutions.

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