Introduction to the Residents Standardized Training Base of He Eye Specialist Hospital

He Eye Specialist Hospital is a large ophthalmology hospital founded in 1996 by He Wei, who received the degree of Doctor of Medicine in Japan and returned to China.

Since the establishment of the hospital, he has consistently advocated the philosophy of “contributive to society, trusted by patients, and mutual development”.

He has successively established totally 30 hospitals such as He Eye Dalian Hospital, He Eye Huludao Hospital, He Eye Panjin Hospital, He Eye Jinzhou Hospital, He Eye Yingkou Hospital, He Eye Tieling Hospital, He Eye Benxi Hospital, He Eye Anshan Hospital, He Eye Chengdu Hospital, He Eye Dandong hospital and so on. He also established He University, He Eye Graduate School of Dalian Medical University and “Green Valley” Research & Development Base as well as an eye care system integrating medicine, teaching, production, learning and research. 


He Eye Specialist Hospital is the organizer of key national clinical specialty project and the national drug clinical trial institution, and has a number of R & D centers including Liaoning Ophthalmic Stem Cell Clinical Application Center and Eye Tissue Bank approved by the Government of Liaoning. It is also the first eye health training base in China, the member of Liaoning National Blindness Prevention Guidance Group, the locality of Liaoning Vision 2020 Project Office,  the Liaoning Adolescent Myopia Prevention & Control Base first approved by Liaoning Education Department, and the Liaoning Eye Care Training Center for Grass-roots Doctors.


As the Training Base for Blindness Prevention and Treatment designated by the Ministry of Health and the key clinical specialty hospital in China, He Eye Specialist Hospital has introduced the ICO residency standards on the basis of China’s ophthalmologist residency training standards. Fortunately with the help of Orbis and the ICO, the hospital invited international experts in the field to jointly cultivate resident ophthalmologists with international vision and reaching international standards, and established a rigorous and internationalized residency training system.

Department Construction

He Eye Specialist Hospital brings together a group of talented people, who are aspiring, ambitions, well-qualified, and have mastered the internationally advanced technologies in ophthalmic microsurgery and modern scientific management knowledge. They specialize in clinical medicine, hospital management, community medical service, medical information and other works.

Being exquisitely skilled, passionate and rigorous, we provide diagnosis and treatment service for patients with all our hearts, which has won recognition and praise from patients, and the number of patients increase rapidly. The building area for practical business of He Eye Specialist Hospital is 9930.14 square meters; it has 109 beds and 7 independent operating rooms. The average number of daily outpatients is 500.

Since its establishment, the number of outpatients has reached more than 3 million totally. The average of monthly operations is over 1,700. In 2013, it ranked the first in Northeast China and the fourth in China by the number of cataract surgeries. This provides sufficient learning resources for the residents training base.


 The hospital has set up may clinical departments such as Medical Department, Nursing Department, Visual Performance Department and Community Department; Medical Department is composed of Ocular Surface Disease & Keratopathy, Glaucoma, Vitreoretinal Disease and Trauma, Pediatric Ophthalmology & Ocular Muscle, Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine & Difficult Diseases. Meanwhile, it has also established the He Eye specialty diagnosis and treatment centers, including Myopia Therapeutic Center, Medical Beauty Surgery Center, Diabetic Eye Disease Prevention & Treatment Center, Liaoning Ophthalmic Stem Cell Clinical Application Center, Dry Eye Research Center, Big Data Precision Medicine Center, Genetic Testing Center, etc.


 It established He Eye speciality research centers: China-Europe Eye & Brain Medical Center, Visual Scientific Research Center, China-Europe Anti-aging Research Center, Ophthalmic Biological Drugs Research Center, Ophthalmic Biomaterials & 3D Printing Research Center, and Telemedicine Training Center.

The hospital has 147 medical workers. In addition, it also sets up some auxiliary departments such as Residents Training Department, HR Department, Medical Administration Department, Community Department, Medical Insurance Office, Blindness Prevention Office, Customer Service Department, Marketing Department, Medical Affairs Department, Inspection Department, Pharmacy, and Eye Bank.


 He Eye Specialist Hospital takes the lead in compliance with the international standards, and constantly introduces world advanced ophthalmology equipment.

At present, except for some basic ophthalmic facilities, we possess laser-scanning confocal microscopy of the cornea (Heidelberg HRT3), femtosecond cataracts (LensAR), ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM), Heidelberg retina tomograph, optical coherence tomography, corneal topography, wavefront & aberration analyzer, optical quality analysis system (OQAS), frequency doubling technology (FDT), anterior chamber flare analysis meter, multifocal electrophysiology instrument, ocular blood flow analyzer, tear film morphology monitor, visual sensitivity analyzer, retinal vessel doppler, excimer laser, femtosecond laser, cold ultrasonic phacoemulsifier, vitreous cutter, Fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA), indocyanine green angiography (ICG), corneal endothelium analyzer, fundus Lasers, YAG lasers, ZEISS surgical microscopes and other internationally advanced ophthalmic examination and surgical equipment, as well as modern computer hospital management systems, digital ophthalmic diagnostic systems, Internet remote diagnosis and treatment systems, etc., all of which have laid a good foundation for the hospital to provide high-quality medical services.

Scientific Research Industry

He Eye Specialist Hospital established the first industrial base featuring ophthalmology in order to solve the problems such as the weak ability of China in independent innovation of ophthalmic “downstream” technology and product development, the inability to form scale advantages in international competition, the lack of medium- and long-term overall R & D planning, the excessive emphasis on short-term benefits, and the lack of independent standards, all of which severely hinder independent IP research and development, establishment of an innovation system and improvement of core competitiveness, especially to solve the “expensive medical treatment ” problem before the ordinary people in the prevention and treatment of eye diseases.  

 China Eye Industry Base is located in the core area of Sishui Science & Technology New Town, Qipanshan, Shenyang, with a planned area of 1.5 square kilometers. It is composed of a education and training base, a public service platform for the eye industry, a research, development inspection center for drugs and medical devices, as well as the workshops that comply with GMP standards in ophthalmic biomaterials, ophthalmic equipment, solid preparations and eye drops.

Aiming at promoting the development and industrialization of ophthalmology related products such as ophthalmic drugs, ophthalmic medical devices and ophthalmic consumables, the base mainly focuses on research and development in terms of stem cells, genetic engineering, ophthalmic drugs, biomaterials, bio-optics and medical devices.

Within the eye industry base are the International Cooperation Base for Ophthalmic Medicine Biotechnology of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ophthalmology Medicine National and Local Jointly-built Laboratory of the National Development and Reform Commission and other research platforms. The base has CIPHERGEN time-of-flight mass spectrometer, ion trap mass spectrometer,  high performance liquid chromatograph and other high-end equipment, and can help  enterprises testing drugs, medical devices and food safety, and can provide services such as research and development of biological materials, bio-optics, drugs, and  pilot test and OEM in GMP workshops. Up to now, it has undertaken more than 45 national, provincial or municipal scientific research projects and have obtained more than 45 domestic and international leading scientific results and patents.


Research & Development Platform:

International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Ophthalmic, Biomedicine of the Ministry of Science and Technology

Ophthalmic Medicine National and Local Jointly-built Laboratory of the National Development and Reform Commission

Liaoning Ophthalmic Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

Liaoning Key Laboratory for Ophthalmic Stem Cell Tissue Engineering

Liaoning Shenyang Green Valley Ophthalmic Engineering Technology Research Center

Liaoning Green Valley Experimental Animal Central Platform

Shenyang Ophthalmic Medical Device Engineering Technology Research Center

Shenyang Ophthalmic Biomedical Engineering Technology Research Center

Shenyang Ophthalmic Biomaterials Engineering Technology Center

Shenyang Biotechnology Public Technology Platform

Shenyang Green Valley Biotechnology Incubator Innovation Platform

Shenyang Eye Industry Public Service Platform

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