He Eye Specialist Hospital


Address: 128 North Street of the Yellow River, Shenyang


was founded in 1995, a collection of medicine, teaching, production, learning, and research. It is a high-tech, international, socially responsible eye-care enterprise.

Dr. He Wei, founder of the CPC Central Committee Organization Department, is an expert on the Thousand Talents Plan, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, a director of the International Ophthalmology Council (ICO), and a deputy head of the National Blind Prevention Technology Guidance Group.

The Group takes social responsibility as its own responsibility, adheres to the value of "common good", and actively promotes the development of eye health in China.

We have successfully explored the "accurate medical treatment, accurate poverty alleviation model" led by eye gene technology, and the three-level medical system of telemedicine and the mode of prevention and treatment of blindness based on big data.

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