Center for Prevention and Treatment of Diabetic Ophthalmopathy

  • 2019-09-15 13:30:30

He Eye Specialist Hospital is an advocator of " treatment of diabetic ophthalmopathy" and set up a center for the prevention and treatment of diabetic ophthalmopathy.

The combination of gene diagnosis and treatment with ophthalmology has become a milestone in ophthalmology precision medicine, which makes the prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications more accurate and personalized.

He Vision Group uses the tertiary eye care service system, the telemedicine technology. It applies the non-mydriasis fundus camera to carry out the regular screening for the diabetic patient, timely treatment, then reduces the death and blindness rate caused by diabetes.

At the same time, the center has also set up a diabetes club to raise public awareness of diabetic ophthalmopathy through public education.

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