Medical cosmetology and plastic surgery center.

  • 2019-09-15 13:39:43

Double eyelid surgery, internal and external eye corner surgery, pouch removal, blepharoptosis and upper eyelid skin laxation correction, eyebrow ptosis lifting surgery, orbital stenosis, hydroxyapatite artificial eye implantation, eyelid defect repair and other surgical treatment.

In response to the needs of the times, He Vision Group has cooperated with beauty and plastic surgery institutions from countries such as Monaco and South Korea to carry out cosmetic wrinkle removal and anti-aging treatments such as botulinum toxin type A injection and hyaluronic acid, and carried out personalized minimally invasive facial profile lifting, semi-permanent makeup (pupil line, Korean makeup eyebrow, child face hairline, 3D crystal lip), becoming the first choice for eye plastic surgery.

The center will use magnetic resonance brain imaging technology, computer-aided diagnosis technology and other technologies in the automatic recognition and diagnosis of fundus images of diabetic retinopathy and the application of magnetic resonance in vision.

To explore the pathogenesis, early diagnosis, disease management and treatment of major eye and brain diseases, so as to bring good news to more patients and realize the bright dream of science and technology to support the people.

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