Combination of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and Specialty of Difficult Diseases

  • 2017-09-28 15:19:27

Since its establishment, He Eye Specialist Hospital has always regarded the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of ophthalmopathy as one of the characteristics of the hospital, and has formed its own independent diagnosis and treatment system of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine for many years. 

The department is treated by experts who have been engaged in traditional Chinese medicine ophthalmology for more than 40 years, using the methods of disease differentiation, position differentiation and dialectics, and using the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine to treat diabetic retinopathy. In treatment and diagnosis of fundus hemorrhage, visual nerve atrophy, uveitis, xerophthalmia, myopia amblyopia, ophthalmoplegia and other diseases with various causes, He have much experience.

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