Precision medical center

  • 2019-09-15 13:27:55

He's ophthalmic precision medical center is a clinical diagnosis and research center with cutting-edge technologies such as ophthalmic gene testing, gene therapy, stem cell therapy, personalized disease risk screening and prevention, big data precision medicine and so on. After decades of scientific research and clinical accumulation, the center has become a regional clinical application center, research and development center, sample center and data center in the field of accurate diagnosis and treatment, with 13,000 samples of ophthalmic genetic diseases.

As a pioneer in the clinical application of gene diagnosis and treatment technology and stem cell technology, He Vision Group has established strategic cooperative relations with research institutions such as Kyushu University in Japan, the University of Lyon in France, the University of Florida in the United States, and Tongji University in Shanghai.

We’re committed to finding economic, convenient, reliable and effective ways, to apply the global cutting edge of gene and stem cell diagnosis and treatment technology in clinical practice, so that health benefits the people.

At present, He Eye Group has carried out nearly 70 kinds of genetic related ophthalmopathy and high incidence of ophthalmopathy gene detection, gene therapy, stem cell therapy, personalized disease risk screening and prevention, including in the field of diagnosis and treatment of retinitis pigmentosa.

In addition, the analysis and application of big data in He Eye Specialist Hospital  is of great value in improving medical efficiency and medical effect.

Through cloud computing services, the resources of local branches will give full play to their respective advantages, unified coordination. This effectively makes up for the lack of medical resources and strength, so that many difficult diseases can be easily solved.

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