Central European Centre for Anti-Aging Research

  • 2019-09-15 12:59:21

The China Europe Anti-Aging Research Center is a high-end brand of beauty projects under the He Eye Group.

The center has close cooperation with the European Frontier Research Center for Plastic Beauty and Anti-Aging and researchers, introducing advanced European anti-aging concepts and technologies, and has joined forces with a number of domestic research institutions, to jointly create a new anti-aging model with the combination of accurate medical treatment and individualized medical treatment.

The center is located in Shenyang Qipanshan Development Zone. The environment is pleasant, the scenery is beautiful. It sitsnext to the center of the winery, which adds a touch of bright color. The raw materials used in the diet are all green, pure natural organic foods, and are strictly controlled by the School of Health and Nutrition.

The aim is from all aspects to create a comfortable, healthy, high-tech, accurate medical anti-aging center.

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