CCTV News reports He Vision Group - an Honor of an Eye Hospital!

  • 2019-08-10 15:02:16

On June 1, 20-year-old He Vision Group once again appeared on CCTV's top news program, "CCTV News." Following the "topics of focus", this is CCTV's second special report in three days on the group. After its appearance on "Oriental Horizon" and "Guangming Daily", He has once again succeeded in attracting the attention of state media with its advanced technology and benevolence.


Science and Technology Serving the Country - Chinese Dream of Two Returned Doctors

He Wei and He Xiangdong, founders of He Vision Group, once studied at the Kyushu University in Japan. During their study abroad, the brothers returned home 18 times on holidays. In 1995, encouraged by Liaoning's policy of "attracting investment and promoting quality development", the two men successively returned to their motherland and established the first private eye hospital in Northeast China. Since then, they have begun a 20-year-on journey to serve the country and the people.


Cutting edge of technology - using global science and technology to serve the Chinese people

He took the lead in carrying out painless cataract surgery in China, and introduced the most advanced German Zeiss small incision lenticule extraction system, in addition to large-scale independent research and development. He Eye Care Industry Base, established in 2010, has realized the transformation of independent research and development achievements of ophthalmic drugs and medical devices. At present, 28 patents have been transformed into the industry, among which innovative intraocular lenses have been certified by the European Union.


Opening up Frontier  - creating the only eye industry chain in China and attracting the attention of the world

In the 20 years, He has developed into the high-tech and international ophthalmology institution in China that integrates medicine, education and research. We have actively carried out ophthalmology cooperation with Neusoft Group, Siasun, BGI and other institutions, as well as in-depth cooperation with Kyushu University in Japan and Orbis International, which has ushered in a new era in the history of ophthalmology in China.


Public welfare focused - to restore millions of villagers’ vision and cure patients in a hundred countries

Since 1995, the total number of patients that He treated has exceeded 8.8 million, the cost of training grass-roots doctors has reached 1.802 million, and the medical expenses for the people have been reduced by as much as 197 million. 48% of the total number of operations is free of charge. It has sent brightness to nearly 80% of the eye disease villagers in Liaoning Province, and has successfully cured patients from more than 100 countries around the world, such as Japan, the United States, Germany, North Korea, Spain, and so on, bringing the brand to the world!


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