Liaoning Daily: He is opening up a bright and colorful world with innovation

  • 2019-08-10 14:56:06

Shenyang, June 8. Lu Rongkai, a 17-year-old from a school for the blind in Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, strode to the front stage at the First International Conference on Genomics on Eye and the launch ceremony of the China Eye Genome Project.


 He is the first curable patient with genetic ophthalmopathy found by the He Vision Group through the eye gene screening program of the National Gene Bank. He is cured after free surgery.

This also means that in the future, with the deciphering of the code of life, gene therapy will open up a new field of prevention and treatment of ophthalmopathy diseases.

Science and technology is a sharp weapon of the country. The country depends on it to be strong, enterprises depend on it to win, and the people's livelihood also depends on it.

He Vision Group, which was born with the strategy of "rejuvenating the country through science and education", accelerated its growth after the innovation-driven development strategy was put forward during the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.


 From a small clinic in the early days to an enterprise, which integrates medical treatment, education, public welfare, capital, scientific research and industrial transformation, the development process of He Vision Group epitomizes the practice in the old industrial base of Liaoning that "innovation is the top driving force for development" put forward by the 19th CPC National Congress.

Medical treatment benefits people, the creation of a precision poverty alleviation model

Before He Wei, He Xiangdong and Fu Lifang started He Vision Group, He Wei returned home twice a year, and hundreds of people lined up every day for his diagnosis. "At that time, there were not enough doctors, there was no advanced technology, and there was no good model of medical poverty alleviation," as He Wei recalled.


Doctors should have kind hearts. In order to restore the brightness for more patients, He Eye Specialist Hospital has persisted in innovative medical treatment and technology since its inception, and has remained unchanged for decades, becoming the first eye institution in China aiming to prevent and treat blindness.

From the initial free clinic, holding lectures to popularizing science, to training doctors and building a network, in more than 20 years of practice, He Eye Specialist Hospital has gradually explored a replicable and sustainable model of three-level prevention and treatment of blindness and poverty alleviation.

It has formed an intelligent medical system based on big data, realized the telemedicine interconnection of "cities, counties and towns", and introduced high-end technology and high-end talents to the grass-roots level through the cloud platform.

The public welfare action based on scientific and technological innovation has lasting vitality.

In Linghai City, Jinzhou, 19 people in five generations of a family have nyctalopia or blindness.

In February, He Wei, together with other experts, consulted the family remotely through the cloud medical platform.

Retinitis pigmentosa, a gene buried in a family of 65 people, was screened.

Remote diagnosis, remote consultation, remote monitoring, distance education were launched so that the grass-roots can share medical resources in the central city, and people can achieve the early prevention and control of eye diseases near their home.


With the help of the model of three-level prevention and treatment of blindness and poverty alleviation, the projects of "Science and Technology Benefit the People" was carried out by ministries and commissions, the third phase of "Vision First, China Action", and the "Brightness Poverty Alleviation Project" have been settled in Liaoning one after another.

Today, the model of preventing blindness and helping the poor has been incorporated into the national "People's Health Public Welfare Platform Poverty Alleviation Case Database," which has been extended from Liaoning to Guizhou, and will also be extended to Yunnan, Hebei, and other five provinces one after another, and is planned to gradually achieve national coverage.

So far, He Vision Group has served 30 million people free of charge, screened 1.803 million patients free of charge, operated on 100,000 poor patients free of charge, and trained 50,000 grass-roots doctors free of charge.

Scientific and Technological Innovation and Cultivation of Core Technical Talents

He’s innovative model of prevention and treatment of blindness and poverty alleviation cannot be separated from the support of advanced technology.

"The bottleneck in preventing and treating blindness in China is not money, but talent and core technology." Based on this understanding, He Wei has always regarded scientific and technological innovation as the foundation of enterprise development.

He Wei is fully aware that the introduction of international advanced technology is important, and that independent innovation is the sustainable momentum for the development of enterprises in order to grasp the upper hand of development and improve the core competitiveness.

All scientific and technological innovation activities are done by people.

He made the most "stubborn" effort in developing ophthalmology - to promote education and train talents.

On June 24,He University launched a "Million Talents Fund" scholarship admission information via WeChat. From 1999 to today, this demonstration school for innovation and entrepreneurship in private colleges and universities across the country has developed six major disciplines with more than 8,000 students, centering on the strategic needs of national health and medical development.

And they also established academic cooperation relations with some domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutes.

 While training talents independently, He Vision Group gathered more than 50 clinical and scientific research experts with overseas study experience. In June, Konstantinos, a former examiner of the European Ophthalmology Committee, joined He Eye Group.

Gathering high-end talents and relying on scientific and technological innovation, He Vision Group is stable and advancing. The group set up the first eye organization bank in Liaoning, set up China's first community public welfare screening medical team, and established the world's first eye gene bank. And become the national drug clinical trial institutions, the National Health Commission’s training base for preventing and treating blindness, the national key clinical specialties. He has created seven "firsts" for ophthalmic surgery in China, and the high-end intraocular lens project has been selected as a national key R & D program for the 13th Five-year Plan.

From the world's leading three major techniques of cataract phacoemulsification, vitrectomy and fundus laser treatment, to the development of daytime cataract surgery, he's ophthalmology is leading the way in China. Advanced methods such as painless minimally invasive cataract technology bring good news to more and more patients.


With the rapid development of the times, the spirit and strength of innovation are eternal: "to complete the information database of 100,000 eye disease samples, genes and clinical phenotypes of the Chinese population; to reduce the birth of blind children and accurately prevent and control eye diseases; and to build the world's largest eye gene bank within three years." From the accumulation of quantity to the leap of quality, from the breakthrough of the point to the improvement of system ability, He Vision Group is planning a big cause.

Strategic Cooperation: Create a Small Town with Industrial Characteristics.

The development of science and technology requires  global vision and grasping the pulse of the times, and establishing a development strategy in a timely manner.

"The cost of imported drugs and intraocular lenses directly leads to the high cost of surgery, and patients who are deterred from doing so will become poor as a result of illness due to loss of ability to work," said He Wei. To build an international, high-tech, medical, educational, industrial and research integrated, replicable and sound eye health care system to achieve the development of the whole industrial chain, He made the strategic plan many years ago.


Look for the strength to win the future and lead the industry forward. In order to break the international giant's standard monopoly and technical barriers as the starting point, He began to extend the industrial chain; more and more enterprises in the group are growing and incubating.

In the Chinese eye care industry base of Shenyang Sishui Science and Technology New Town, many scientific research platforms, such as cell therapy platform, plant cell fermentation platform, ophthalmic equipment and consumable platform, ophthalmic innovative drug platform and so on. With the support of national scientific research projects, more than 20 enterprises have been hatched here, more than 50 patents have been obtained, nearly 30 kinds of products with industrialization conditions have been developed, and many products are leading class and fill the gaps in China.

A highland of scientific research and innovation, a gap of investment

 The Chinese eye care industry base has gradually formed the characteristic industrial foundation with ophthalmology medicine and health care products, implanted medical device products, surgical consumables, diagnosis and treatment equipment product research and development and industrialization as the core, which has attracted the attention of investors.

For private enterprises, the difficulty of financing has always been a bottleneck restricting the development. In the view of He Wei, there is no shortage of capital in society, what is missing is the core technology. "Investors mainly look at your team and the level of scientific research. If you have the core technology, naturally there will be investors who come to the door on their own initiative. " He Wei said.


 At present, He Vision Group has launched the strategy of going public, and has carried out comprehensive strategic cooperation with China Development and Investment Group, Neusoft Group, Siasun, China Equity Group, etc. An eye industry chain integrating medical treatment, education, public welfare, capital, scientific research and industrial transformation has been basically formed.

The small town with the characteristics of eye care industry established by He Vision Group last year was clearly supported by the "Special Action Plan for Revitalizing Northeast China via Technology Transfer and Transformation " this year. It has been included in the planning of key regional strategic projects such as the core project of the Shenyang Sub-Center of the National Health Data Center and the key project of revitalizing the Northeast. Industrial City has been introduced and overseas markets are being laid out. After the plan takes shape in 2025, the output value of high and new technology will exceed 30 billion yuan, helping to promote the industrial transformation of Liaoning's old industrial base and forming a new economic growth point.

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