Orbis International - He Vision Group Air Hospital Project’s First Recovered Cataract Patient.

  • 2020-12-03 10:13:04

The aunt was very excited to get on the plane for the first time. 

Orbis International - He Vision Group Air Hospital Project’s First Recovered Cataract Patient.

    On September 7, 76-year-old Chen Sizhao was lucky to be the first cataract patient to under
go cataract surgery in the Orbits International -He Eye Air Hospital Project. She is also the first patient in the world to recover from surgery on third generation of ophthalmic Air hospital. 

A week ago, because of her poor eyesight and immobility, Chen bumped her forehead onto the corner of her window, bleeding. She was afraid that her children may worry about her and dared not tell them. The impact of cataracts on her life has made it difficult for Chen to express. "She has suffered from cataracts for several years. She has developed most seriously in the last six months. She often falls down, dare not to go out alone, and cannot watch TV. She also gave up her favorite Taijiquan. Anyway, her life is a mess. "

A month ago, she heard that the Orbis International Ophthalmic Air Hospital was coming to Shen, filial piety's son signed up for Chen early. After screening by He Eye Specialist Hospital , Aunt Chen was lucky to become the first patient of the Ophthalmic Air Hospital. "I didn't even think I could have surgery on the plane! Technology is too developed these days. "As she boarded the Orbis Air Eye Hospital, Chen nervously held her son's hand. 


Orbis International expert Jeffrey Caspar and He’s ophthalmic cataract expert Liu Zhe are operating on Chen. 

"My son told me to relax and listen to the doctor. I felt the operation went well. I didn't feel any pain at all." Aunt Chen, 76, is a person who has been through a great storm. Fifteen years ago, Chen underwent a craniotomy for meningioma. Her operation was very successful. Chen has since been active on the stage of Taijiquan. But she’s getting old in recent years. The poor eye vision became a new obstacle to her communication. "After the operation was successful, I was able to practice Taijiquan again." Before getting off the plane, Chen said happily.

Chen’s surgery was performed by Jeffrey Caspar, an ophthalmologist from the University of California, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, and the ALTA California Ophthalmic Society.

 With more than 20 years of experience in ophthalmic surgery, this trip will not only carry out a number of public welfare surgical assistance, but also carry out hand-to-hand teaching and surgical demonstration for doctors, so as to bring more international advanced technology to China, in order to promote the development of the cause of prevention and treatment of blindness in China. "I am very happy to come to China to participate in this project and I hope to do my best to help more people in need," Jeffrey Caspar said. "


Chen poses for a photo with Jeffrey Caspar, an ophthalmologist at the University of California. 


Chen becomes the first cataract patient on the first flight of the third generation ophthalmic Air hospital of Orbis Internaional. 

       In the morning of the 8 Sept., accompanied by her son, Chen came to He Eye Specialist Hospital  for a reexamination. As soon as she opened the blindfold, the new director of the cataract team had not even had the time to ask her if she could see clearly, before Chen shouted out excitedly, "Yes, it's too clear!" 

In this way, Chen became the first person to benefit from the "leading ophthalmic technology, delivering brightness" ophthalmic Air Hospital project. In the next two and a half weeks, let us look forward to witnessing the moving moments of the recovery of more patients! 


Chen is undergoing a re-examination. 


After re-examination, Chen's left eye’s naked vision has reached 0.5. 

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