Keratopathy expert James: He Eye Specialist Hospital’s professionalism is beyond expectation.

  • 2019-10-07 22:19:51


Recently, Dr. James Lehmann, an expert on corneal diseases at the International Orbis Air Eye Hospital, a member of the expert group of the Texas Medical Board and a professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center, went to He Vision Group for direct surgery in person. Asked about his cooperation with He Eye Specialist Hospital , James said that He Vision Group’s technology and services demonstrate the professionalism of Chinese doctors, and their professionalism is even far beyond the original expectation. At the same time, he also hopes to strengthen the Chinese people's awareness of corneal donation and promote Chinese corneal transplantation through in-depth exchanges and cooperation with He Eye Group.

Highly praise the professional spirit of He Eye Specialist Hospital .

So far, the three-week cooperation between Orbis International and He Eye Specialist Hospital  has carried out for more than half of a three-week cooperation that has made James, a keratologist, feel a lot of emotion: "He ophthalmologist is very professional and the surgical technique is very mature. This is different from what has been seen in ophthalmology institutions in developing countries in the past. From the full preparation of each screening work to the fine operation of the surgical process, He experts have done their best, truly demonstrated the professionalism of Chinese doctors, and have been consistent with the United States’s standards in terms of medical quality control. "

Strengthening Chinese people's awareness of corneal donation to promote corneal transplantation.

James said that keratopathy is one of the eye diseases with the highest blindness rate in the world today. However, due to the very small number of corneal donors in China and the general lack of awareness of donation, there is a considerable shortage of corneal inventory in China. There are 5 million corneal patients waiting for transplantation in China, compared with 5,000 surgeries a year. James admitted that he hopes that through this cooperation and training, we can strengthen the awareness of Chinese people's corneal donation, promote corneal transplantation, and benefit more Chinese people.


"I know that He Eye Specialist Hospital  is the first eye hospital in Northeast China to obtain the designated qualification of corneal donation and build a corneal library. I hope that more and more Chinese people can join the ranks of corneal donations for many patients waiting for corneal transplantations in China. Send them the brightness." James said.

Experts give a little advice on corneal diseases.

James gives very pertinent advice on the prevention of corneal diseases. Trauma and infection are the most common causes of keratitis. When the corneal epithelium is damaged by mechanical, physical and chemical factors, bacteria, viruses and fungi will take advantage of the opportunity to enter and infect. Cornea is very vulnerable. If there is trauma or infection, it needs to be treated in time and avoid procrastination!

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