G20 Summit in the Field of Ophthalmology Research and Capital

  • 2019-08-10 14:22:43


He Wei, founder of He Eye Specialist Hospital , and Ms. Chen Dan, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Senior Partner of  Xinzhongli Capital Group, were at the signing ceremony.

On the one hand, He Eye Specialist Hospital , Beijing Tongren Hospital, PLA General Hospital, Peking University People's Hospital and other top institutions in the field of ophthalmology;

On the one hand, China Equity Group, Lenovo Holdings, CBridge Capital, Tasly Health Industry Fund and other world-famous venture capital enterprises.

This ultra-luxurious lineup of the two sides is like the G20 summit of ophthalmology and capital. The third "VISION FOR VISION" Ophthalmic Innovation and Capital Summit Forum opened in Suzhou on September 7.

At the forum, He Eye Specialist Hospital and China Equity Group jointly launched and set up the "Eye Care Venture Capital Fund," with a total worth of 1 billion yuan.

Bridge between innovative entrepreneurs and capital in ophthalmology, and solve the bottleneck of innovation


As the prelude to the National Ophthalmology Research Conference, the "VISION FOR VISION" Summit Forum, hosted by He Eye Specialist Hospital , was founded in 2014 to integrate the global elites in ophthalmology and related fields and promote the development of ophthalmology technology and industry, and improve ophthalmic medical service.

For the first time in the country, the forum has built a bridge between ophthalmic innovation entrepreneurs and investors, and built a high-end platform for exchanges and cooperation between venture capitals.

He Wei, president of Liaoning Ho's Medical College and He Eye Hospital, said in an interview during the conference: "General Secretary Xi once again emphasized 'innovation drive' during the G20 Summit. By holding the 'VISION FOR VISION' Eye Innovation and Capital Summit Forum, He Eye Specialist Hospital aims to solve the bottleneck of innovation. One challenge is how a large number of ophthalmologists turn patents into products, how to bring products to market, and form industrialization; another challenge is the effective use of capital. Based on this, with the support of the conference, He Eye Specialist Hospital organized this forum, and China Equity Group decided to invest $1 billion in the China Ophthalmology Industry Fund to encourage the originality of Chinese ophthalmologists. "


In the future, the medical industry will be a chain based on interdisciplinary integration.

He Wei made a keynote speech titled "Chinese Dream And Bright Dream - Promoting the Development of China's Eye Care". He Wei said: " since the establishment of the He Eye Hospital 20 years ago, it has persisted in doing three things: medical public welfare; In recent years, medical education and scientific and technological innovation have once again broken through in technology and industrial development in cooperation with Neusoft Group, Xinsong Robot, Siasun, China Equity Group, BGI and other companies. The convening of this forum will also contribute to the further development of He, and then promote the progress of China's eye industry. "


President He Wei made a keynote speech at the forum

Ms. Chen Dan, Co-CEO and Senior Partner of China Equity Group, explained the investment opportunities in China's health care industry. Ms. Chen Dan pointed out that at present, China's medical and health industry is still in its infancy, and there is still a big gap compared with developed countries. Insufficient investment of resources and serious shortage of medical staff are the important reasons leading to the contradiction between supply and demand of medical services and the contradiction between doctors and patients. .

Ms. Chen Dan believes that at present, the business of private medical institutions is booming, and the market share is increasing rapidly. In the future, the medical industry will be the investment and industrial integration of the medical industry chain based on interdisciplinary integration. The convening of the "VISION FOR VISION" will also promote the effective docking of entrepreneurs and investors, and build a high-end platform for exchanges and cooperation between venture capitals.

"Eye Industry Venture Capital Fund" established with a total scale of 1 billion yuan

In order to seize the favorable opportunity for the development of the industry, the signing ceremony of the "Eye Industry Venture Capital Fund" jointly launched by He Eye Specialist Hospital and China Equity Group was held at the same time. The establishment of "Eye Industry Venture Capital Fund" will become an important support and carrier for building eye industry chain. The fund, with a total size of 1 billion yuan, is to be raised in two phases, each raising 500 million yuan. . 
He Wei said that at the beginning of this year, He Eye Specialist Hospital received a combined investment of 500 million yuan from China Equity Group, Neusoft Group and Siasun, setting the largest single financing record for private medical institutions. It shows that the capital market continues to be optimistic about the development prospect of ophthalmology. . 
The establishment of the "Eye Industry Venture Capital Fund" will help strengthen the national ophthalmic innovation driving ability, activate the eye venture capital potential, and promote the accumulation of ophthalmic innovation resources. In order to speed up the transformation of new technologies and new products in the field of ophthalmology in China, and ultimately improve the ability and level of ophthalmic medical services in China.

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