He Wei is China’s first ICO Advisory Board member. 

  • 2019-10-07 12:44:57

On February 3, 2016 local time, at the ICO (International Council of Ophthalmology) Advisory Board meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico, He Wei, president of He Eye Specialist Hospital , was elected as a member of the ICO Advisory Board, becoming the first Chinese member of ICO Advisory Board
He Wei is the co-chairman of the West Pacific region of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and vice president of the China Association of Ophthalmologists. Hes also the only ophthalmologist in China who also has the qualifications of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the European Society of Ophthalmology, the Japanese Society of Ophthalmology and the Chinese Academy of Ophthalmology. 
He is one of the first returned ophthalmologists to carry out cataract phacoemulsification, vitrectomy and laser treatment of myopia in China. 
The elected member of the ICO must not only be a leading academic expert in his field of study, but also meet the requirements of being prestigious, influential and willing to speak for the region in order to be appointed
ICO is the largest ophthalmic association in the world, serving various professional associations of ophthalmologists around the world, with more than 120 national and ophthalmic societies. 

Using high and new technology to promote the prevention and treatment of blindness in China. 
In the aspect of science and technology, He Eye Group has realized eight initiatives of ophthalmic technology in China one after another, and recently applied stem cell technology and 3D printing technology to clinic, and first proposed the treatment of diabetic ophthalmopathy in China. It uses high and new technology to promote the progress of prevention and treatment of blindness. 
In the aspect of education, in order to change the shortage of ophthalmology talents in China, He Eye Group has successively established Liaoning Hos Medical College and Dalian Medical College He Eye Research Institute, and trained a large number of high-quality undergraduate and graduate talents. 

         Over the past 20 years, a cumulative reduction of 197 million yuan for patients. 
         As the first ophthalmic institution in China with the core content and goal of preventing and treating blindness, and the first private ophthalmic institution in China to carry out community ophthalmic care, over the past 20 years, He Eye Group has created a high-quality, affordable, replicable and sustainable model for the prevention and treatment of blindness. 
         He Wei has been actively involved in international cooperation in the prevention of blindness and led the development of blindness prevention and treatment in China. At present, He Eye Group is the only training base for prevention and treatment of blindness awarded by the National Health Commission in China, as well as the location of the Office of Vision 2020 in Liaoning Province, the designated cataract accessible hospital in Liaoning Province, and the prevention and control base for myopia among teenagers in Liaoning Province. 
         Over the past 20 years, He Eye Group has served 30 million patients and screened 1.16 million patients free of charge, accounting for 48.9% of the total number of surgeries. Over the years, the cumulative fee relief for patients has reached 197 million yuan.



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