He Eye Group signs a contract with Hungarian NutriPharma Company to be included in the "16+1 Cooperation" Project. 

  • 2019-10-07 12:41:20

2017 coincides with the fifth anniversary of the "16+1 cooperation" between China and Central and Eastern European countries. Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Budapest on November 26 at the invitation of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban for a four-day official visit to Hungary. Li also attended the "16+1 Cooperation" leaders' meeting and the "sixth Summit of Heads of Government of Europe and China Economic and Trade Forum." During Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Budapest, the Hungarian and Chinese governments jointly hosted a signing ceremony of the "16+1 Cooperation" project between China and Central and Eastern European countries


During this period, He Eye Group signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with NutriPharma International Company in Budapest, Hungary, which was also formally included in the "16+1 Cooperation" project. The signing ceremony was highly valued by the Hungarian government. Varga Mihaly, minister of national economy of Hungary, attended the signing ceremony between He Eye Group and NutriPharma International as a guest, and posed for a group photo as a souvenir. 

Professor Zhang Donglei, president of the School of Pharmacy of Liaoning Ho’s Medical College, who represented He Eye Group, said that: NutriPharma International is an international company for the research and development of biopharmaceuticals and health foods, and He Eye will cooperate with it, to jointly develop new drugs and healthy foods for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases such as dry eyes and age-related macular degeneration. This cooperation looks not only to introduce international advanced ophthalmic products into China, but also cooperation to push Chinese wisdom to Europe and the world. As an eye industry chain with Chinese characteristics, He Eye Group, which integrates "medicine, teaching, production, learning and research", will speed up scientific and technological innovation and help Belt and Road Initiative through international cooperation, so that more international leading scientific research products can serve the Chinese people.


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