He Vision Group "Intelligent Medical treatment support precision Poverty Alleviation" Anti-Blindness Model landed in Guizhou Province

  • 2020-12-03 09:19:55

In order to implement the decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to win the battle against poverty, speed up the precision poverty relief, and help implement the strategy of healthy China, from 31 May to 1 June, SDIC, He Eye Specialist Hospital and Liaoning Light of Care Blindness Prevention Foundation went to the People's Hospital of Pingtang County, Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province and Luodian County People's Hospital to launch the public welfare project of "Precision Poverty Alleviation in Ophthalmology Medicine" and the licensing ceremony of "National key specialist He Eye Specialist Hospital  Medical Association Unit".

Xia Chenglou, director of the Party and Mass Work Department of the State Development and Investment Corporation, Guo Suping, Assistant Director of He Eye Specialist Hospital , Yan Chunhong, Assistant President, and Wang Fang, Secretary General of Light of Care Blindness Prevention Foundation, as well as Pingtang County, Luodian County Party Committee, county government, county health bureau and county people's hospital and other major leaders attended the launch ceremony.

        At the launch ceremony, leaders of SDIC, He Vision Group donated 2 million yuan worth of mydriatic fundus cameras, portable optometry devices, portable screening light sources and other ophthalmic examination equipment to the People's Hospital of Pingtang County and the People's Hospital of Luodian County, and unveiled its "National key specialist He Eye Specialist Hospital  Medical Association Cooperation Unit" plaque. The two county hospitals will also give full play to the advantages of medical consortia, regularly carry out long-distance training and expert consultations with He Eye Group, strengthen academic exchanges with He Eye Specialist Hospital, and strive to improve the level of ophthalmology technology in county hospitals, to provide more quality and convenient ophthalmic disease diagnosis and treatment services to the local people.

He Vision Group promised that in the future, they will help the two county hospitals in personnel training, cataract surgery, myopia prevention and control, so as to enhance their "self-development" function and leave a " medical team that never leaves" for Pingtang and Luodian.




        On the day of the launch ceremony, ophthalmologists in the county hospital used telemedicine to consult local patients with fundus diseases by using telemedicine and experts from He Eye Specialist Hospital.


Guo Suping, Senior trainer of the International Eye Health Training Center, member of the Chinese Medical Association, Senior trainer of the International Eye Care Training Center, and Chief glaucoma and cataract expert of He Eye Group, conducted eye health screening for patients with eye diseases.

Pingtang County and Luodian County are located in the Yunnan-Guangxi-Guizhou stone desert area, which is one of the 14 centralized and continuous areas of special difficulties in China, which is a state-level poverty-stricken county. The local medical level is low, the medical talent is scarce, the medical technology is weak, and the operation condition of the hospital is poor. In order to improve the local medical situation, CIC and He jointly plan to build the two counties into the first batch of cataract barrier-free counties in Guizhou Province in three years, which will be implemented through government support, social organization support, and professional medical institutions. Establish a high-precision, efficient, intelligent and sustainable model for the prevention and treatment of blindness in the county, eliminate the avoidance of blindness in Guizhou Province, and copy and popularize this model in the whole country.


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