Research by He Wei in Jianchang: Medical treatment innovation to help with precision poverty alleviation. 

  • 2019-10-07 13:57:04

On 25 February, on the eve of the two sessions, He Wei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and president of He Eye Specialist Hospital ,went to Jianchang, a poor county, to conduct research on innovative medical care to help with their precision poverty alleviation work. 


Big data leads to patient Qifeng. 

Li Qifeng, 7, from Xiaodeyingzi Township, Jianchang County, was found to have congenital cataracts at the age of one and a half. Li Qifeng’s father Li Xinfu spent tens of thousands of yuan on his lens removal surgery and other treatment. He sold the family's house for further treatment. The mother abandoned them after she knew about her child's illness. Grandfather has a cerebral thrombosis and needs to take medicine all the year round. " 


He Eye Specialist Hospital’s medical database led them to the poor county Huludao, Jianchang County to find poor patients. On 25 February, He Wei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and president of He Eye Specialist Hospital, went to Jianchang to investigate poverty alleviation before the two sessions of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Before leaving, member He Wei wanted to visit several poor families who were in urgent need of help. He Eye’s big data system helped He Wei find the 7-year-old Qifeng. 


On the afternoon of 25 February, member He Wei met Qi Feng in Xiaodeyingzi Township, Jianchang County. Seeing He Wei wearing a white robe, he knew he was a doctor. He Wei picked up Qi Feng and chatted for a while. Then, He Wei examined the child. The results are heart-wrenching: Little Qifeng is completely blind in his left eye, has severe glaucoma in his right eye, and has a high intraocular pressure. If he does not have an operation as soon as possible, his right eye will soon become blind. He Wei immediately arranged their Huludao Hospital to reduce blood pressure first for Qifeng's right eye, pending further examination a week later, to determine the operation plan. He told Qifeng's father that there was no need to worry about the expenses, which NCMS could not cover. The surgery will be free. 


Subsequently, Yan Qingli, secretary of the Jianchang County CPC Committee, also accompanied He Wei to several poor households suffering from eye disease in Erdaowanzi. Yan Qingli said that the number of cataract patients in Jianchang County is higher than the average in Liaoning, mainly because of economic backwardness and a lack of medical and health knowledge. 

Three-level blindness prevention system, prevention comes first. 


He Wei said that cataracts are very easy to detect, and it does not cost too much for early treatment. But people in backward areas lack knowledge of ophthalmology, and often miss the best period of treatment. When it becomes serious, they found that the cost of treatment was very high and could no longer afford. During the visit, Secretary Yan Qingli introduced He Wei to an old couple who had cataracts for many years and their eyes were not good enough to work on the ground. Last year, the husband hurt his leg, suddenly adding to the burden on the family. After free cataract surgery at He Eye last year, his eyesight was restored. And at the beginning of this year, the old couple raised several cows. He Wei said: "this is why He Eye Specialist Hospital has been doing three things for 20 years: first, public welfare screening for prevention purposes; second, free medical care, and third, free training of village doctors. It is necessary to run thorough screening and let patients find early treatment, reducing the cost of medical treatment; train village doctors, leaving a medical team for rural areas and improving the preventive ability of rural hospitals; provide free medical care to patients who can't afford to see a doctor; regaining brightness helps them out of poverty through their own labor. " 

He Eye Specialist Hospital has been applying a county- township-village three-level medical blindness prevention system for 20 years. In the past two years, combined with Internet technology, through the telemedicine platform, the city, county and township hospitals have been opened, and through screening in counties and villages, the cases found have been uploaded to the digital platform. As far away as Shenyang, He's General Hospital of Ophthalmology can carry out expert consultation. At the same time, the platform can also provide training for village doctors. All the patient data screened are uploaded to a large database, and the patient information is managed by big data on the Internet to help the hospital understand the patients’ situation more accurately. At the same time, big data has also served the public welfare medical care and poverty alleviation work of He Eye Specialist Hospital  for 20 years, providing accurate evidence for poverty alleviation, accurate screening of the areas and patients most in need of help. 

Big data accurately helps the poor and establishes the platform of accurate medical assistance in Jianchang.

After visiting the two townships of Xiaodeyingzi and Erdaogouzi in Jianchang County, member He Wei came to the Jianchang County government and sat down with Yan Qingli, secretary of the Jianchang County CPC Committee, and other county leaders. Zhu Chengyu, deputy county governor, introduced the basic situation of Jianchang: the whole county has a population of 630,000. The poor population is 57,000, and there are 1 to 2 village doctors in each village, but the level of village doctor is limited, and the incidence of cataract is higher than the average level of the whole province. 

When He Wei talked about big data managing patient files through the internet to help accurately help the poor, Yan Qingli, secretary of the Jianchang County CPC Committee, said: "as a poor county, we have been studying how to better accurately help the poor. I hope to do something practical for the people, and I hope we can do it more effectively. Today, I heard that accurate poverty alleviation can use the big data technology and digital platforms. That’s really good. Jianchang County is willing to cooperate with He Eye Specialist Hospital  to establish an accurate medical assistance platform for Jianchang. We next need to do more specific research, to implement this work as soon as possible, so that our people can enjoy the help brought about by internet medical assistance as soon as possible. " 

Committee member He Wei said: "after we establish an accurate medical platform in Jianchang County, this platform will help us complete the project to build 'Jianchang Guangming County' by 2020 and help all those in Jianchang who can cure blindness to recover within three to four years. It can also provide big data support for the poverty alleviation work of the county government. When this model is mature, we can extend it to the whole province and the whole country, so that more people in poor areas can benefit. At this session of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), I will also submit 'Internet plus 's proposal for medical help to help the poor accurately' in combination with this survey. "

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