Department of Eye Trauma

  • 2020-01-02 00:12:35

● One of the earliest key departments set up by Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital

● A large number of successful cases in curing difficult and critical eye injuries for more than 20 years

● International and domestic leading diagnosis and treatment equipment

●24-hours services by authoritative experts in the field of eye injuries

Introduction to the Department:

Department of Eye Trauma of Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital has rich experience in emergency treatment and surgery of various types of acute eye injuries. After more than 20 years of continuous development and long-term cooperation and exchanges with domestic and foreign experts, the department have introduced internationally leading professional eye surgical treatment instruments to provide patients with accurate and safe surgery and to restore their vision.


Eye contusion, penetrating eye injury, foreign body injury, thermal burn, chemical injury, radiation injury, gas poisoning; eyelid abrasions and bruises, subconjunctival hemorrhage, conjunctival and corneal surface foreign body, corneal epithelial abrasion, eyelid thermal burn, irritant gas poisoning, electric ophthalmia, eyelid and lacrimal canal laceration, bulbar conjunctival tear, superficial corneal foreign body, extensive eyelid defect, intraocular foreign body, blunt contusion with intraocular hemorrhage, eyeball chemical injury of above degree II.

What is eye trauma?

Eye trauma is the damage to the structure and function of the eye by mechanical, physical, chemical and other factors. Eye trauma is one of the main causes of blindness.

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