Department of Glaucoma

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● 80,000 successful cases of glaucoma treatment for the past 20 years

● Boasting a domestic leading lifelong care system for glaucoma patients

Introduction to the Department:

Department of Glaucoma of Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital has a large number of authoritative experts as well as young and middle-aged talents who excel at glaucoma. Relying on its strong scientific research force, the department continuously introduces the advanced foreign scientific research results, and clinical diagnosis and treatment methods to keep pace with international advanced level, and has achieved good medical results and brought benefits to the glaucoma patients, especially those with difficult glaucoma.

In terms of clinical and scientific research-related training, the department continues to improve their professional diagnosis and treatment abilities and the scientific research level through academic discussion and technical training, and by working together with the basic medical institutions, it has established a powerful tertiary glaucoma prevention and treatment network. Screening, public education and primary medical technology training allow more patients with glaucoma to be detected, diagnosed and treated early.


All kinds of acute and chronic glaucoma,

Primary, secondary, congenital glaucoma,

Intractable, difficult and critical glaucoma

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases characterized by atrophy and cupping of the optical disc, visual field defects, and impaired vision. Glaucoma is primarily caused by pathologically high pressure in the eye and insufficient blood supply to the optic nerve. The occurrence and progression of glaucoma is also related to the tolerance of the optic nerve to damage by high pressure. Impairment in any part of the aqueous humor circulation can lead to increased intraocular pressure-related pathological changes, with an exception of some patients with normal tension glaucoma.

Glaucoma is one of the three major diseases that cause blindness. The rate of blindness caused by glaucoma in China is as high as 23%.

Symptoms of Glaucoma:

1. Acute glaucoma: iridization, eye pain, obvious visual loss, headache, even nausea and vomiting.

2. Chronic glaucoma: mostly the patient has no subjective symptoms, and may have eye swelling, sore nasion, and vision loss in the middle and late stages of the glaucoma;

3. Visual impairment is one of the major features of glaucoma.

Dangers of Glaucoma:

The serious damage of glaucoma is the impairment of visual function, which can be blurred vision and visual field defect. If left untreated, it can cause vision loss or even total blindness.

The blindness glaucoma  causes is irreversible. Glaucoma is one of the three major disorders that cause blindness. The rate of blindness caused by glaucoma in China is as high as 23%.

At the early stage, the glaucoma can be effectively controlled by timely and appropriate treatment, which can avoid or reduce progressive damage to the optic nerve and maintain good visual function.

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