Department of Fundus Disease

  • 2020-01-02 00:07:04

● Internationally leading surgical instruments

● Having continuously introduced the internationally leading diagnosis and treatment technology

● A large number of authoritative senior experts

Introduction to the Department:

Department of Fundus Disease of Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital has a large number of authoritative senior experts, applies internationally cutting-edge surgical technology, and has introduced world advanced surgical instruments. It has developed rich experiences in diagnosis and treatment of fundus diseases such as retinopathy, vitreous disease and maculopathy.


Retinal vascular disease, acquired maculopathy, inflammatory diseases including non-infectious systemic and infectious (viral, bacterial, fungal) diseases, fundus dystrophia including retinal dystrophia, vitreoretinopathy, as well as choroidal dystrophia, retinal detachment, tumors, acquired optic nerve disease, congenital abnormalities and other fundus diseases.

What is vitreous opacity?

Normal vitreous body is a special mucus-like substance in a transparent gel state. It has no blood vessels and nerve tissues, and its metabolism is extremely slow. Its nutrition and metabolism are completed by the diffusion of adjacent tissues. Vitreous opacity is the floating objects inside the vitreous body.

Symptoms of Vitreous Opacity:

Floaters appear in front of the eyes such as specks, strands and dust, different in shape and density. Floaters appear mostly to move with the eye’s movement, typically in bright and pale background; normal vision or varying degrees of vision loss.

Dangers of Vitreous Opacity:

Floaters appearing in front of the eyes often bring severe visual disturbance to patients, affect their judgment and concentration in daily life, and even cause adverse effects on mental health in the long run.

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