Department of Myopia Laser Surgery

  • 2020-01-01 23:14:42

● Myopia Laser Surgery Comprehensive Safety System of He Eye Specialist Hospital

● The international laser surgery, always keeping pace with the international cutting-edge technology

● The first one in Northeast China to introduce German AMARIS  1050RS 1000hz frequency myopic eye laser surgery equipment

● The first one in Liaoning province to introduce the femtosecond Smile 3.0 and excimer laser ZEISS MEL 90 refractive surgery platform

● Minimally invasive, non-invasive, painless surgery

● 23 strict and cautious examinations before surgery

● Professor-level expert team customizes plans to say goodbye to glasses

● Life-long management after surgery, regular return visits, no worries for life

Introduction to the Department:

As one of the earliest departments of ophthalmology in China to utilize high technology to treat nearsightedness, Department of Myopia Laser Surgery of Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital introduced the first German AMARIS 1050RS 1000hz frequency myopic eye laser surgery equipment to Northeast China, the first ZEISS Smile 3.0 femtosecond laser, MMEL90 engraved femtosecond laser and other internationally leading myopic laser surgery equipment to Liaoning. In Department of Myopia Laser Surgery of Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital, a team of professor-level experts gives medical advice, performs surgery, and provides patients with the most suitable personalized laser surgery plans.


Refractive myopia, axial myopia, simple myopia and pathologic myopia of children and adolescents caused by various reasons.

What is myopia?

Myopia is an eye disorder where light focuses in front of the retina when the eye is in a relaxed state of adjustment.

Symptoms of Myopia:

Nearsightedness is a common vision condition in which you can see objects near to you clearly, but objects farther away are blurry. In the beginning, the vision might fluctuate and a squint occurs when looking at distant objects. Those with higher diopters have poor eyesight often accompanied by such symptoms as weaker vision at night, floaters, flashes, as well as possibly different extent of fundus change.

Dangers of Myopia:

Myope often has trouble seeing things, which brings a lot of trouble to study, work and life. In ophthalmology, myopia is a change of the whole eyeball. In addition to refractive errors, there are many structural abnormalities, such as the growth of the optic axis, more fragile zonule. People with high myopia are more likely to have high myopia-related changes in fundus, such as macular degeneration, retinal detachment. Moreover, high myopia is more likely to have glaucoma, which can cause blindness in severe cases.

Cutting-edge equipment:


German AMARIS 1050RS myopic eye laser surgery platform

German AMARIS 1050RS pioneered the application of the current high 1050Hz cutting frequency, making myopia laser treatment enter the 1000hz frequency era. The cutting speed of 1.3 seconds/D once again rewrites the speed of myopia treatment and shortens the procedure time, with shorter matrix exposure time, thus the patients are more relaxed to give better cooperation during surgery.

The eye tracking frequency of up to 1050Hz can accurately locate the position of the eyeball when each laser pulse is emitted. The innovation of AMARIS 1050RS is that it not only uses the captured information on pupil, iris and corneal limbus to analyze the eyeball moving in the six-dimensional space, but also achieves pupil center displacement compensation, and creatively introduces precision guidance technology maturely used in the military field, and integrates perfectly with the six-dimensional eye tracking system to achieve compensation for the delay time of the tracking system and develop the new technology of the 7th dimension delay-free tracking. AMARIS 1050RS monitors eye position changes dynamically, predicts motion trajectories, and adjusts launch positions in advance to achieve delay-free tracking.

Intelligent thermal effect control technology is adopted to avoid the superimposition of heat generated by excimer laser cutting and protect corneal tissue.

Aberration-free cutting mode can avoid possible high-order aberrations caused by surgery, which can make patients quickly adapt to their postoperative visual habits and maintain satisfactory visual results.


ZEISS VisuMax all-femtosecond laser surgery platform

All-femtosecond SMILE myopia correction surgery is a revolution in corneal refractive surgery. The operation is completed by a femtosecond laser without lifting the corneal flap, which reduces the angle of edge cut of the femtosecond laser surgery and greatly improves the surgical experience of the patient.

Up to now, 145,000 patients have accepted the all-femtosecond laser surgery in China. Based on a large number of clinical practices, ZEISS has further improved the VisuMax system. SMILE 3.0 has greatly increased the scope of indications and created opportunities for more highly myopic patients to regain normal vision.

The surgical incision by all-femtosecond laser is only 3mm, reducing the edge cut by 80%, and the corneal surface injury is also reduced by 30%.

In the procedure of all-femtosecond laser surgery, a smaller laser energy is used, which is focused by a high-level optical system and supplemented with a high-speed transmission frequency, a uniform and smooth matrix lens is made in the intact cornea, and the lens is removed through a tiny incision.

It is featured by unique three-dimensional cutting with micron-level accuracy and little impact on the cornea biomechanically. It avoids the occurrence of xerophthalmia and corneal displacement, and maintains the natural shape of corneal tissue to a large extent. The postoperative effect is more stable.

During the whole process of all-femtosecond surgery, only one device is used and it only takes ten seconds. The surgery is easy and comfortable, and the patient needn’t worry at all.



 ZEISS MEL90 all-laser surgery platform

MEL90 excimer laser surgery system is the latest generation of ZEISS's small light spot high-speed flying spot laser scanning system, with a 500Hz laser emission frequency. It is a new cutting mode that saves cornea and has asphericity. MEL90 can accurately and quickly correct various myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, while optimizes the corneal Q value to -0.25, fully taking into account the asphericity of the cornea and reducing the increase in spherical aberration caused by the surgery itself. MEL90, if connected with ATLAS 9000 corneal topographer, can complete high-end refractive surgery that requires individualized treatment plan, and if connected with ZEISS all-femtosecond laser, can form an efficient refractive surgery workstation.

MEL90 has laser emission frequency of 500Hz and 250Hz, with the energy density 180mJ / cm2, and it is equipped with a high-speed 1050Hz active eye tracking system, which can quickly and accurately cut the cornea; for treatment of myopia of 1D, the treatment time is only 1.3 seconds at optical region 6mm. 

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