The International Conference on Genomics Annual Meeting kicked off on Dec 10

  • 2023-01-16 16:38:38

The International Conference on Genomics Annual Meeting kicked off its 5th Meeting Online on Dec 10


Organized by the Liaoning Chinese Medical Doctor Association and Shenyang Bureau of Science and Technology and hosted by He Eye Specialist Hospital (HESH) and Eye Gene Bank, the 5th Meeting of the International Conference on Genomics and 2022 Annual Meeting of Liaoning Chinese Medical Doctor Association Ophthalmology Branch started online on December 10-11.

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and 45 experts and scholars of genomics, stem cell regenerative medicine, ophthalmology, biopharmaceuticals and artificial intelligence gathered in the cloud to discuss scientific and technological innovation and precision medicine. More than 300 experts and doctors attended the conference online, and more than 700,000 viewers watched the live broadcast online.

The International Conference of Genomics in Ophthalmology (ICG EYE), an international academic conference with far-reaching influence in genomics, has been successfully held in Shenyang for four years and has promoted and witnessed several milestones in ocular genetic research.

This year, ICG EYE will continue to follow the theme of "Gene Technology Lights Up the Dream of Light", deepen the exchange and cooperation, and aim to promote further the cross-border integration of genomics and ophthalmology, stem cell therapy, biopharmaceuticals, big data and other fields, promote the development of precision medicine industry, promote the development of eye health, and create a platform for the exchange of high-tech and talents exchange platform.

At the conference, new achievements, new progress and new ideas in ocular genomics were actively displayed, and the participating experts had a full exchange and in-depth discussion on the future development trend of genomics, stem cell medicine and other precision medicine industries, and were full of expectations for the innovative development of precision medicine.



Chairman of the Conference, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr Yang Huanming Gave a Speech

The chairman of the conference, Mr Yang Huanming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and co-founder of Shenzhen BGI, said in his speech that genomics, as an innovative technology related to people's life and health, is at a booming historical moment. The ICG EYE conference, as a platform, has attracted many creative talents to join the eye gene research industry. He believed that through everyone's efforts and the development of the whole industry chain, human beings would have brighter eyes in the future.



Co-chairman of the conference, president of He Eye Specialist Hospital (HESH) Prof. He Wei Gave a Speech

Prof. He Wei, the co-chairman of the conference, executive director of the Council of the International Association for the Prevention of Blindness, deputy head of the National Prevention of Blindness Technical Guidance Committee and president of He Eye Specialist Hospital (HESH), summarized the results achieved since the International Genomics Conference in Ophthalmology was held and introduced the scientific research dynamics, achievements and development prospects in the field of genes and stem cells in China. He hoped that all parties would cooperate and gather forces to jointly promote the innovation and development of the precision medicine industry. Furthermore, he hoped that every research worker striving to be the first in the essential frontier field would continue to achieve breakthroughs.



HESH Technical Director, Director of Hereditary Retinal Disease Treatment Center,Profeesor Pang Jijing Hosting the Conference

To encourage and stimulate young medical students to join the healthcare industry, a themed activity of "Scientist Discuss with Medical Students" was held for young medical students during the Online Conference, in which academician Yang Huanming, Professor He Wei opened a passionate discussion with more than 1,000 master and doctoral students from more than ten universities in China. They encouraged medical students to inherit the spirit of science, stick to the original heart of medicine, explore the life sciences, and contribute to guarding the health of all people.

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