An Liangbao

  • 2020-01-16 09:16:06

● Senior Trainer of International Center for Eye Health

● International Aid Expert specially designated by the Ministry of Health

● Member of Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmology Branch

● Chief expert of vitreoretinal and ocular trauma

He has been engaged in clinical, diagnosis and scientific research of ophthalmology for nearly 20 years and has successively been to Japan, India, Britain and other countries for academic exchanges and visits. In 2010, he was selected by the Ministry of Health to participate in the International Aid Rehabilitation Operation in Yemen and was commended by the Ministry of Health; in 2011, he participated in Hubei “Bright Trip” held by the Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation and was praised by the Liaoning Province Overseas Chinese Federation. He was rated as an advanced individual of the private medical institutions, “Shenyang Outstanding Physician” and other titles for many times.

Speciality: vitreoretinal surgery such as complicated ocular trauma, foreign bodies in the eyeball, diabetic retinopathy in proliferative phase, retinal detachment, macular hole and epiretinal membranes; he is one of the first to carry out 23G, 25G and other minimally invasive vitrectomy surgeries, and has rich clinical experience in surgeries such as senile cataract, small pupil cataract  combined with pupil adhesion, traumatic cataract, lens dislocation, congenital cataract, posterior chamber intraocular lens (ICL) implantation.

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