Orbis International Visit Shenyang HESH and Conduct Charity Surgeries

  • 2023-11-13 13:12:27

On October 9, the Orbis International experts came to Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital, to carry out a week-long academic exchange activity on the theme of glaucoma. 


During this period, Dr. Leung YuLung, an internationally renowned glaucoma expert and volunteer from Orbis International, provided free consultations and conducted public welfare treatment surgeries for patients at Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital.

To be able to receive a joint consultation with experts from Orbis International and He Eye Specialist Hospital, is something that the patient, Mr. Xu, has been looking forward to for a long time.

Mr. Xu is 72 years old. In August last year, Mr. Xu noticed that his eyes were swollen and distended, and an examination revealed that he had open-angle glaucoma in both eyes. Not only that, but his eye condition is also complicated: he has cataracts in both eyes, his left eye was traumatized 50 years ago, and he is also high myopia. The axial length of the eye is 29.29mm, which is much longer than the normal axial length of the eye. 

For such a complicated glaucoma case, ophthalmologists from He Eye Specialist Hospital gave a surgical plan to implant a Glaucoma drainage valve in Mr. Xu's left eye after a detailed examination.

If an eye with glaucoma is like a balloon that is constantly filled with water, the balloon itself will be damaged due to the high pressure of the water as it is pushed up to the point of bursting in the long run. The implantation of a Glaucoma drainage valve is like installing a valve in the balloon, which can drain the water out, lowering the water pressure and protecting the balloon (eye).


On October 10, Dr. Leung YuLung and doctors from the Glaucoma group of He Eye Specialist Hospital consulted with Dr. Leung YuLung agreed with the surgical treatment plan of implanting a Glaucoma drainage valve.


On the 11th, Dr. Leung YuLung completed the implantation of the Glaucoma drainage valve for Mr. Xu at Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital. At the same time, Orbis International, in cooperation with Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital, reduced the cost of the surgery for Mr. Xu to avoid the terrible consequences of blindness due to glaucoma. Mr. Xu was very touched and thanked Dr. Leung and He Eye Specialist Hospital for their help after the surgery.    

Also helped with 73-year-old patient Ms. Dong.

Ms. Dong's eye condition was worse than Mr. Xu's. She had closed-angle glaucoma and age-related cataracts in both eyes. Over the past six months, Ms. Dong has been having trouble seeing clearly in both eyes, and her left eye is swollen and painful. An examination at the hospital revealed that the intraocular pressure in the left eye was up tp 42mmHg, which is twice the upper limit of the standard intraocular pressure for normal people.


After a joint consultation with Dr. LeungYuLung and ophthalmologists from He Eye Specialist Hospital, Ms. Dong received a combination surgery, which is a single operation that treats both glaucoma and cataract. Ms. Dung is looking forward to that she will be able to keep her eyes bright in the future. ......

He Eye Specialist Hospital Integration of Global Technical Service Resources


Orbis International is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization that assists people with avoidable blinding eye diseases by providing medical technology and equipment, and began its programs in China in 1982.


With the core value of "Contributing to the Community", He Eye Specialist Hospital has always been actively taking social responsibility, giving back to the community and serving patients with eye diseases since its establishment.

He Eye Specialist Hospital is committed to integrating global technical service resources and is the most important strategic partner of Orbis International in China. Since 2004, the two parties have been cooperating on a number of public welfare programs for the prevention and treatment of blindness nationwide, which have protected the hope and light of many eye disease patients.

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