Dream set sail "Vision" unstoppable-Orbis International-He Eye "Dream Child" aircraft Hospital theme activity held recently. 

  • 2019-10-07 12:55:08

Myopia, not only harms eye health of teenagers, affect learning and future work and employment, and even affect the character of children. Serious myopia can cause many serious complications, most of which can lead to blindness. 

In China, there are more than 400 million myopic patients, mainly among teenagers, who have the second highest incidence of myopia in the world, and shifting younger population. The incidence of serious myopia in senior high schools is as high as 70%. The incidence of serious myopia has reached 10 times of the international average level. 
As a training base for prevention and treatment of blindness by the National Health Commission and a base for prevention and control of myopia among teenagers in Liaoning Province, He Eye Group shoulders the mission of protecting the health of teenagers' eyes. 
       On September 17, the theme event of "Dream Children-Dream Set Sail, Unstoppable" co-organized by He Eye Group and Orbis International was held at Orbis third Generation McDonnell-10 Eye Air Hospital. 20 children and 20 parents spent a special Mid-Autumn Festival holiday together. 


"Dream Children" chanting slogans for activities-Dream Set Sail "Vision" Unstoppable
How can dreams be blocked by eyesight?

       Orbis International, with its unique eye aircraft hospital in the world, is committed to restoring light to patients with eye diseases around the world. 
       He Eye Group is committed to using leading technology to protect "the right of everyone to see". 
       He Eye Group and OrbisOrbis International and Dream Children, say no to myopia loudly! Twenty children were invited to share the knowledge of myopia prevention and control learned in ophthalmology air hospital to more children as eye care emissaries of Orbis International and He Eye Group. The children also shouted at the scene, "Dream Set Sail, 'See' Unstoppable" declaration-the dream of the road, how can it be blocked by eyesight! 
       In the air classroom, Yuan Mingzhen, an expert from Liaoning Province Youth Myopia Prevention and Control Base and director of the Optometry Department of He Eye Optometry Center, gave children a lively eye health class and explained eye protection knowledge to children through visual Mini Game. Improve their awareness of myopia prevention and control. 

Every child's eyes are special! 


Yuan Mingzhen, an expert from Liaoning Adolescent Myopia Prevention and Control Base and He Eye Group optometry expert, explains how to protect eyes and the importance of protecting eyesight in the way of games.


The children know and listen to the knowledge of ophthalmology, and are ready to spread the knowledge to the children around them and be a little emissary to protect their eyes.

 Yuan Mingzhen, an expert on adolescent myopia, called on parents to increase their children's outdoor activities and reduce the use of close eyes, explaining that they are called close eyes within one arm. 
       With regard to the topic that parents are most concerned about: "how myopia is formed and which wrong practices will hurt the eyes," Yuan Mingzhen answered: "first, children with ametropia have not been corrected in time, such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. And cause the child to be in the state of being unable to see clearly for a long time, can cause eyesight damage.

 The second is abnormal visual function, such as normal vision in children, but abnormal zoom function from far to near. Third, the peripheral omentum is defocused due to incorrect refractive correction." Yuan concluded, "Each child's eyes are unique. Children who already suffer from myopia should first go to the hospital and ask professional doctors to judge what kind of myopia is caused, and then according to the child's own characteristics." Develop targeted diagnosis and treatment methods. " . 

"Be a qualified eye health emissary." 


Yang Jieyi, Public Relations Manager of OrbisInternational Ophthalmic Air Hospital, introduces Air Hospital to children.

       Subsequently, Dream Children, led by Orbis International experts, visited the world's only eye plane hospital. In the face of everything in front of them, the children felt both novel and excited. 
       This activity not only let the children broaden their horizons, but also understand the knowledge of myopia prevention and control. Children say they want to share what they have learned with their partners. Wang Shuxin children in an interview with reporters said: "Today I’m particularly happy. I will take good care of my eyes, go back to teach other children to protect their eyes. I will be a qualified eye health emissary." 


As they parted, the children posed for a group photo with the Orbis aircraft engineer.


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