How subtle and precise is "double eyelid surgery"? Hear international experts

  • 2019-10-11 00:00:00

Double eyelid surgery sounds like "simple" surgery, but is in fact very demanding.

As an important strategic partner of Orbis International in China, He Eye Specialist Hospital and Orbis International once again joined hands between April 23 and April 27, 2018 to open the second public welfare project of 2018, eye plastic surgery and cosmetology, in Shenyang.

Meanwhile, the activity aims to offer assistance for patients with eyelid diseases and orbital diseases. It will also help train eye plastic surgeon via National Health Commission’s training base for preventing and treating blindness.


Joint operation and demonstration teaching by Chinese and foreign experts


Chinese and foreign experts join hands to serve patients with superb skills

The operation was performed by Professor Mark A. Cepela, M.D., Orbis’s senior eye plastic surgeon and a member of the American Board of Ophthalmology, together with experts from He Eye Specialist Hospital .

After the early patient recruiting, condition screening, Chinese and foreign experts consultation, 20 patients from all over the province became the beneficiaries of this public welfare project.

The patients range from 70-year-old to 3 or 4-year-old children, involving blepharoptosis, eyelid ectropion, corneal staphyloma, artificial eye implantation among others.




Professor Mark A. Cepela is examining a patient with blepharoptosis


This operation will not only help patients ease pain, but also help them improve their appearance and function, so that they can look more beautiful and see a clearer world through the most advanced surgical techniques.



Director Zhang Lirong, a specialist in ophthalmology and plastic surgery, reexamines a patient with ectropion after operation.


"Not all surgeons are qualified for eye plastic surgery. We need to train professional eye microplastic surgeons."


During the project, Professor Mark A. Cepela also gave surgery demonstration, held case discussion and delivered "Cybersight surgery webcast training course" and so on.

It has provided online training for nearly 2,000 clinical ophthalmologists across the country, including on blepharoptosis, eye trauma, eyelid retraction and eyelid reconstruction, artificial eye implantation.



Professor Mark A. Cepela conducts simultaneous online and offline training




Professor Mark A. Cepela receives interview from media


Mark A. Cepela said that at present, most eye plastic surgery is performed by surgeons. In fact, eye plastic surgery should be microsurgery, because the number of facial muscles and nerves is equal to the number of muscles and nerves in the rest parts of the body combined.

In particular, the eye is the most sophisticated organ of the body, eye plastic surgery is a very subtle surgery and not all surgeons can do it.

As the subject leader of He Eye Specialist Hospital ’s plastic surgery specialty, Director Zhang Lirong said that at present, there are few specialized ophthalmologists doing eye surgery in China, and talents in this area are very scarce. She hopes that through this training, they can fill the gaps in domestic technology.

She wishes to improve the domestic eye plastic technology, so that more patients can enjoy professional eye plastic services.


Director Zhang Lirong of He’s Eye Hospital interviewed by reporters


Director Zhang Lirong introduced, that He Eye Specialist Hospital has carried out functional repair operations such as blepharoptosis, ectropion, eyelid tumor resection, eye trauma repair, eyeball enucleation and artificial eye implantation, as well as double eyelids surgery, eye pouch removal, and so on. They lead the country’s technology in eyebrow cutting and other cosmetic surgeries. In the future, He Eye Specialist Hospital will continue to pay attention to and introduce the most advanced eye plastic and cosmetic technology in the world to serve more patients.

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